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Sunday, 11 March 2012

If God Wants Us To Believe The Bible...

If God wants us to believe the biblical account of creation why did he create a universe in which:

  • The ratio of the light elements, hydrogen, deuterium, helium and lithium in the universe is exactly as predicted if the universe resulted from an intense inflation from a singularity?
  • The Microwave background radiation is exactly as it is predicted to be if the inflation from a singularity occurred 13.72 billion years ago?
  • The large-scale universe is expanding at a rate which is exactly as required to produce a wavelength for the microwave background radiation's as it is today?
  • The sun is exactly as we would expect of a second or third generation star in a universe which is as old as the microwave background tells us and has light elements in the ratio which the Big Bang theory predicts?
  • The radiometric data from rocks on Earth and of meteorites gives an age of the solar system of 4.57 billion years and and age of Earth of 4.4-4.5 billion years?
  • The fossil record of single-celled prokaryote organisms is exactly as we would expect if they originated in an oxygen-free atmosphere, underwent a mass extinction when oxygen levels rose at the same time as single-celled organisms evolved the ability to utilise sunlight as an energy source to build carbon dioxide into glucose and to produce oxygen as a bi-product and then evolved the ability to use oxygen for respiration?
  • Eukaryoyte organisms look just as expected if they evolved from co-operative alliances of prokaryote cells?
  • Image courtesy of University of California Museum of Paleontology
    Understanding Evolution

  • The immunological differences between species is exactly as would be expected if they had diversified from common ancestors in a branching evolutionary tree originating in a single source?
  • The DNA differences between species replicates the immunological evidence almost exactly?
  • Morphological evidence for species relationships closely follows both the immunological and genetic evidence?
  • Plate techtonics on earth are exactly as required to explain the distribution of land animals given the evolutionary history which the immunological, genetic and morphological evidence suggests?
  • The geological evidence in sedimentary rocks invariably supports the evolutionary history suggested by the the immunological, genetic and morphological evidence both in the sequence and time-scale?
  • Every fossil ever found has invariably supported the evolutionary history suggested by the immunological, genetic, morphological and geological evidence?
In short, if the Judeo-Christian god wanted us to believe in the account of creation as given in the Bible why did it create so much evidence against it and none supporting it? Why did it create a universe which looks like it originated as a singularity 13.74 billion years ago, an earth which looks like it originated in an accretion disk around a forming star 4.5 billion years ago and life on earth that looks exactly as though it evolved and diversified slowly over a very long time from a common ancestor on a dynamic and changing planet?

If the Genesis account of creation is wrong, as the evidence overwhelmingly suggests, why was it included in the Bible in the first place?

Or are we to believe the Judeo-Christian God only tells the truth when it's written in a book and tells lies in the rest of the evidence it created?


  1. It was a test, apparently. :P

  2. Very powerfully put... Pity will have no effect on the faithful.. Sigh

  3. Or perhaps some people interpret it incorrectly. Perhaps they think Genesis 1 is science and history when it actually is myth and story. If they think that, they have to twist lots of different ways to make things fit.


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